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An overlook of TheMightyValley a current stronghold for members.

     The Mighty Clan is a group of users on Republica with a current membership total at 17 members. Many members of The Mighty Clan's usernames follow the format of TheMighty followed by a noun, ex TheMightySH33P, TheMightyKakapo, TheMightyJoka. 


During map five a user named 356653 joined the server and began to set up shop. Shortly after, TheMightySH33P joined, and the two created up TheMightyClan. It was built on three basic principles, "Towns suck, keep it real, and kill the deserving." The clan quickly grew in map six and has now has a significant server presence. 


The clan has a rough past with serveral of its members being banned and unbanned for such reasons as: Griefing, Xraying, Staff Disrespect, Racisim, Ban Evasion, Advertising, Spam, and Language. Despite this, they have still managed to remain in good terms with most of the Republica Staff. While there are no specific criteria for those looking to join they generally must be in good standing with a majority of members. Many of The Mighty Clan's members know each other in real life, but recently several new users have joined. The Mighty clan has a rough chain of command with the two founders, 356653 and TheMightySH33P, are the general leaders and Cornelius_Grim is third-in-command.