TheReaKordra was a player that was banned from not only the server, but also the forums. Although, he was not banned from the wiki. He was banned for staff disrespect. 


Although he first comes off as a serious drug dealer just looking to make some life-long pals, he is actually just all of that without the drugs part. He is deeply hurt because he was banned from the forums and he can't even apologize for his past younger-self actions and be forgave (I hope that's spelled right).

Also, it is well known that he has a general dislike of the player emma1337. He plans to just avoid her in the future, so that there will be no future issues. 

A personal note from Kordra himself.Edit

Hi, my name is "TheReaKordra". I apologize for past events and I am willing to go out of my to do anything that would change your minds. I would also like to apologize to Emma. I know I was rude and I'm sorry.. I hope you consider this :/